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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

In this collection of analyses that explore the multi-faceted Asian American identity, we hoped to speak honestly about the Asian American condition. The Asian American condition is one of constantly being without a seat at the table of the American racial consciousness. This zine delves into Asian American identity through the lenses of history, psychology, and lived experience. The historical perspective of Asian American identity has been explored at the hands of the “benevolent” West. History is written by the victors. For Asian Americans, the victor has always been the United States meaning that the interpretation of their identity has been sculpted by those who single handedly erased it. In many accounts of history, Asian countries have served as a tool to either unite a country or was a manifestation of the inherent Western desire to paternalize. Countries have been invaded, colonized, or reduced to a device used to expand a country’s influence and power. The citizens of these countries are left to determine their fate. To either stay in their native country and rebuild or flee to America under the false pretense that the American Dream is the answer to their plight -- only to realize for racial minorities, it is unattainable.

Bringing the Marginalized into Conversations about American Raciality