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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

For our History of Asian Americans project, we aimed to creatively showcase some of the important topics discussed in the readings throughout this course. Additionally, our group related these historical topics to modern day issues or personal experiences. This was particularly interesting due to the current events taking place this semester like COVID-19, BLM Movement, and the election. In our project, we strayed away from summaries and explanations as much as possible while still providing context. We aimed to use our creative and critical thinking to highlight certain underlying aspects of the readings we thought were important, but may not have been the main point of the text. We made a couple of timelines to lay out big historical stories in a simpler understandable way. We included a variety of graphs to compare and contrast certain viewpoints or the experiences of different minority groups. Several illustrations were shown throughout our project to visualize these issues and analyze them artistically. Overall, we hope that we have provided a deeper connection to these historical characters and stories by making them relatable and personable to our readers. Although it would be nearly impossible to entirely express the hardships and discrimination faced by Asian Americans throughout history, we hope our readers gain some insight or a different outlook on all they have experienced throughout U.S history. Thank you and enjoy! Brittany Le, Christine Sivilay, and Mollie Frager

History of Asian Americans