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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

ABOUT US… We are a group of USD students studying Asian American history & politics. Over the course of the semester, we have studied histories of labor, migration, war, incarceration, and displacement. This course has allowed us to better understand the ways in which Asian American identity has emerged. This course has given us the tools necessary to explore Asian American history and to contextualize what we have learned so we can apply it to contemporary issues both within and outside of the United States. ABOUT OUR ZINE… In each of our weekly zines, we really focused on the significance of each text while intertwining it with the idea of racial inequality. One of our main focuses throughout all weeks was how Asian Americans made their way into the United States and assimilated. Being able to read and reflect on the personal stories of Asian American refugees gave us the opportunity to think outside of the box. It really opened our eyes to some of the unwritten challenges that a lot of individuals face. In each individual zine, there are approximately three main sections. The first is the “Key Points of the Text.” In this section, we highlight what exactly the author is talking about and how they go about making these points. The next section is “Why Does It Matter?” This section assesses the text’s social, political and intellectual significance and why it is important. Finally, the last section is the “Connection to Today.” This section relates what we read and analyzed to the happenings in our communities and societies now. In this section, we analyze political contexts that help us better understand the texts. Lastly, in all of the Zines we emphasize the importance of visuals in helping us understand the deeper meaning. We included images and other important types of visuals to analyze all of the texts and give our readers a better understanding of what we learned! Overall, the goal of this Zine is to portray the inequalities and struggles that Asian Americans faced in the process of migrating to the United States. Their norms and ways of life were disrupted in the process, but individuals were forced to face the challenges and adapt in order to give themselves better opportunity. The similarities seen in some of today’s societal issues compared to those of the past were eye-opening. Our hope is that you are able to make those connections as well! Enjoy!

Introduction to Asian American Studies: Final Zine Project (4)