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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

In this zine, we aimed to explore several texts and discuss their significance in understanding both Asian American history and politics, as well as the oral histories and experiences that are often forgotten. In addition to this, each topic covered in our zine investigates how these events throughout time have shaped and continually affected the Asian American experience today. Throughout our time dissecting these select texts on the topic of Asian American Ethnic Studies, the editorial team came to understand the significance of employing a framework of the Asian American plight in regard to how we process modern events. From the treatment of the first Chinese Americans amid COVID-19 today, we are now able to contextualize the American experience with hundreds of years worth of anti-Asian sentiment and policies. As an overarching theme, we see how Lisa Lowe's depiction of Asian Americans come to life. In each text we see how Asian immigrants and Asian Americans throughout history are constantly casted as confusing elements that are to be marginalized and sent back to their places of origins, while simultaneously being recognized as people to be integrated into the national political sphere. In addition to this, we discovered how Asian American studies is relational. Although Asian Americans do not share in all of the same struggles as other BIPOC, they are still interconnected with one another. By delving deeper into these texts, we now have a greater understanding of marginalized experiences that are rooted within our society. Most importantly, we are grateful that we are now equipped with the knowledge and understanding to address racial inequality and make our society a better place today.

Reflections on a Movement