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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

Hello and Welcome to our Zine!! We are so happy you stopped by! :) We were presented the opportunity to create a zine on Asian American studies through Josen Diaz’s ETHN course. Although this started out as a project, it became so much more to our group. We had the opportunity to explore different Asian American cultures, their history, and their influence on American culture and politics. This project allowed us to relate all of the historical readings from the Chinese Exclusion Act and the world wars to events that occur today. Over the semester, we developed our overall knowledge on ethnic studies and expanded worldviews; we hope that reading this zine will allow you to do the same. In this document, we attempted to construct a creative medium which conveys all of our thoughts and ideas on the subject matter at hand. The three of us are juniors at the University of San Diego studying under varying disciplines. We all come from different parts of California and brought different perspectives to the table when brainstorming and working on the zine each week. Before reading this Zine, we want all readers to understand that the opinions and viewpoints shared here are our subjective views relating to academic texts. We are by no means authorities on these topics, and we encourage you to do your own research to expand your personal knowledge. This is a great place to begin or continue one's academic journey into Asian American studies, but it is not intended to be used as a basis of knowledge or a foundational source. We hope that you all enjoy reading this zine and find its contents interesting and informative.

Peril, Pandemic, and Crisis: Asian American Studies