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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

In our Fall 2020 Introduction to Asian American Studies class, small student cohorts were tasked with creating a zine page for the various concepts analyzed in class. We read many articles in relation to Asian American oppression, both globally and locally. This included topics such as the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act and the anti-Chinese movement, and the various racializations different Asian ethnicities faced. We read about the model minority myth and its prevalence after the Vietnam War, Korean War, and Cold War. Additionally, we discussed the militarization and radicalization of the United States' colonial projects in Hawai'i, Guam, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Understanding the historical oppression and narratives Asian Americans have endured allows us to recognize patterns and parallels within contemporary issues. This also allows us to compare these experiences with that of other minorities, such as African Americans. For more than a century, anti-Asian sentiment dominated American society which still effects these peoples today. The "positive' stereotypes Asian Americans are equated with still confine them and mask their histories. We hope that the historical and contemporary concepts discussed will empower you to challenge the way you view the Asian American experience, and become an ally to their struggles.

History, Culture, and Humanity: Contextualizing Modern Oppressions