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ETHN 250: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Asian American Studies | Ethnic Studies

Description, Abstract, or Artist's Statement

Our Zine hopes to cover the multitude of topics discussed in our Intro to Asian American Studies class. Each section is based on a reading relevant to a specific subject covered in the class, whether that be the history of Japanese internment camps or the globalization of the Filipino workforce. After a deeper analysis of the history and tradition in each reading, our zine also focuses on the social, political, and intellectual significance of Asian American articles and stories. There are many significant facts and key ideas that truly speak for themselves on the issues and events being discussed along with deeper themes resonating from each text. By showcasing these elements through the use of easy to read dialogue, pictures, drawings, cartoons, lists, and even economic data, our zine gives readers a clear and visual understanding of the importance and significance of each text. With these elements in mind, a deeper understanding of the Asian American experience can be found. As we looked at our articles each week, we found a contemporary issue that resonated with the content of the article that we read. In many cases, we found that issues that Asian Americans once faced are now confronting other non-White groups today. For instance, Latin-American immigrants and Middle Eastern immigrants are facing the same kind of discrimination and hate crimes that targeted Asian Americans in the past, like the Japanese, Chinese, and Filipinos. We also found that racial prejudice continues to be an issue today in response to current events. The Coronavirus outbreak brought out a lot of racial hate crimes as some blamed the Chinese for introducing the pandemic. Once again Asian appearance gets generalized and all Asians suffer being targeted. Looking at current issues that many minority groups face in the United States today, allows us to gain a better understanding of what Asian Americans have experienced through our history.

A Look at Asian American Studies