Keck Undergraduate Humanities Research Fellows

Keck Undergraduate Humanities Research Fellows work under the close guidance of a faculty advisor to conduct original, substantial research, scholarly activities and/or creative work advancing the interdisciplinary humanities over an academic year.

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Undergraduate Honors Theses from 2022


Cultivating Compassion in Catholic Teachings: An Invitation to Relationship with Immigrants and Refugees with HIV/AIDS, Anna Salvestrin

Scholarship from 2021


Why Bother? A Historical and Philosophical Analysis of Motivation, Sara Badrani


Where Ethics and Drama Meet: Shakespeare's Othello, Emma Heflin

Scholarship from 2020


Purposefully Forgetting: Surveying San Diego’s Founding Narrative During the City’s Bicentennial Celebrations of 1969, Noah Pallmeyer

Scholarship from 2019


From Accusation to Execution: A Case Study, Sophie Abber


Wittgenstein and Embodied Cognition: A Critique of the Language of Thought, Amber Sheldon