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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) have the power to effect global change. Countries vie for the honor of hosting world events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup because of the prestige and the economic and political gains those events provide. The IOC and FIFA can and should use the incentive of hosting one of these events to procure legal reform in myriad humanitarian equality issues such as sexual orientation, gender, and race. These organizations can prompt this change by requiring that host countries uphold a set of minimum legal standards for anti-discrimination. Section II will discuss the success of incentive to procure voluntary reform. Section III will discuss the current state of the IOC and FIFA and their approaches to the host selection process. Section IV will explain why reform is needed as well as suggest minimum standards that could be adopted by the IOC and FIFA. Lastly, Section V will address the potential pitfalls of imposing minimum legal standards on prospective host nations.