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Edward R. Fluet

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This Article will examine U.S. and international efforts to combat the trade in conflict diamonds. Specifically, this article will detail their failures and examine the need for U.S. backed legislation to prevent the conflict diamond trade more effectively. This article proceeds as follows: Part I will examine the effect of the conflict diamond trade on those caught in the grip of civil war and terrorism. Part II will analyze international efforts to curtail conflict diamonds trade, specifically examining international support of the Kimberley Process. Part III and IV will examine the United States'efforts to regulate conflict diamonds and the inherent flaws in the CTDA. Part V will suggest a proposal for more appropriate U.S. legislation. In conclusion, this Article will assert that the migration of conflict diamonds out of Africa and into Western markets has buttressed the tragic movement of weapons and cash into the hands of dangerous rebel armies and terrorist organizations. Without strong support from the United States, the conflict diamond trade will continue to fund rebel groups and terrorist organizations.