Tanvi Kardile

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The COVID-19 pandemic killing black Americans at a disproportionately high rate. Directly tied to the current Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19’s racial disparities are caused by systemic racism. Systemic racism is not a political issue, as we see an increased mortality rate within the black community in both blue and red states alike. California, a “safe haven” blue state, spends the most money on welfare programs in the entire country; however, the state is still seeing a disproportional mortality rate in blacks due to redlining, a distrust in the healthcare profession, and food deserts. Dumping money into welfare programs will not solve this racial disparity, unless measures are taken to directly address and dismantle systematic racism. Instead of shifting the blame through stereotyping red states as the ones perpetuating systemic racism, voters in California, along with the state legislature must take matters into their own hands in order for change to happen. Some solutions include more diversity within the medical profession, better communication regarding COVID-19, and listening to the demands of the California Legislative Black Caucus in voting to end the ban on affirmative action, and providing reparations.