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Florida Lawmakers Ask: Who's Your Daddy? by Mike Lees

A New Year by Jason Najor

The National Lawyers Guild Sponsors a Debate on the Israel-Palestine Conflict by Rhonda Moore

The Dean's Corner by Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez

6th Circuit Finds Video Games and Movies Not to Blame for Recent School Shooting by Mike Lees

Law School Process by Professor Jeff Fleming

Editorial. Ground Zero: Memorial or Reconstruction? by Damien Schiff

Privacy in the Wake of 9/11 by Julie Corbo

Monthly Legal Drama Review: The Paper Chase by Tom Ladegaar~

A Posthumous Appreciation of Vernon Howe Bailey by Damien Schiff

News from the LRC. LRC Gets Face Lift to Welcome Students to the Home Away from Home by Ruth Levor

The LRC Computer Instructional Lab by Owen Smith

Hey, What's in the Reserve Room Anyway? by Ruth Hastings

Your Tax Dollars at Work by Sushila Selness

The "Back Room" Mystery: The LRC's Technical Services Division by Harry Loren Stamper and Margaret McDonald

You Can't Run Away! But you can find some places to hide: a guide to your friendly neighborhood.reference staff by John Adkins

Top Five Things to do with a Law Review by Margaret McDonald

Who Makes the Library Work for You? by Ruth Levor

Film Treasures by Sushila Selness

More Than Just Books in the Law Library by Ruth Levor

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Motions 2002 volume 38 number 1

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