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McLennon An Intramural Thriller As National Teams Wrap Up Seasons by Hasmik Badalian

PILF Poker Tournament Draws a Full House by Jerry Pfohl

SBA Election Resu1ts In by Angeline Anastasopoulos

Curing the Human Plague of the 20th Century by Peter Stockburger

Editor's Comment

Inside the Professor's office by Jared D. Ackley

Mentoring: It's Your Turn by Catherine L. Tran

CAT walking: What are You Doing Over Spring Break? by Catherine L. Tran

Gardacil: How Informed Are You? by Jenn Chou

Death Penalty: To Be or Not To Be by Rosario Santoyo

Women's Law Caucus Raises $7,700 for LRAP and Becky's House by by Kathryn Snyder

Pissed Off Chicks: The Women's Resource Fair by Christine Diaz

Trial-Team Completes Another Successful Year by Hasmik Badalian,'

Confessions of a Moot Court and Mock Trial Slacker by Brennan S. Kahn

National Moot Court Team Reports by Hasik Badalian

Moot Court to Pick New Board by Hasmik Badalian

International Law Society, Adam Sterling, and Darfur by Lindsey Stevens

The Five Greatest Lawyers by Michael Sienkiewicz

To Sue or Not To Sue Restaurants for Child Obesity. Point: Suing Restaurants Is Ridiculous by Hasmik Badalin

To Sue or Not To Sue Restaurants for Child Obesity. Counterpoint: Corporate Restaurants Perpetuate Obesity by Gregory Smith

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Motions 2007 volume 42 number 6

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