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Mr. Consumer Activist Renowned Activist Ralph Nader Addresses USD Law Students on Evolution of Corporate Culture by James Kuperstein

Sister Helen Prefean: An Eyewitness Account of Americas Capital Punishment System by April Spitzer

What's New at the LRC: New Book Arrival by Franklin A. Weston

Congressional Research Made Easier at the LRC by Sushila Selness

Pro Bono Legal Advocates Moving Forward On Several Fronts by Cathy Smith

Victor Felix: Typical Lawyer or the Next Fabio? by Larissa A.J. Kehoe

Moot Court's Tort Competition by Kathryn E. Meola

Phi Alpha Delta Announces Activities by Rich Ames

Kids' Plates Aid Children's Welfare

Professor Brian Leiter, USD's Newest Addition, Brings interdisciplinary Experience to Jurisprudence by Analee Nations

SBA President's Report by Brad Fields

Molotov Coffee: Ramblings On About Caffeine, Coffee Houses, Cinema by Ernest Bell

Bar Review: the Live Wire

Talking Smack by Jim Ballard

The Motions Name Change - an Editor Speaks Out by Elizabeth Genel

Motions Changes Name, Inviting Response from Student Bar Association Council, Administration by Geoff Morrison

Review & Outlook. The Name Game

Third Year Student Decries SBA Interference With Operation of Newspaper, But Invites Input on the Issues by Frances G. Quevedo

An Open Letter of Resignation by Judy Carbone and Larissa A.J. Kehoe

Our Official True Romance Columnist Serves as Bridesmaid by Elizabeth Friedland

1 Ls Ambushed by S&M Photographer: Blackmail Material or Helpful Meet and Greet Aid? by Belinda Etezad Rachman

Mississippi Transfer: Student Relates Problems of Transfers to USD by Holly Sorensen

Ms. Motions: Offering Helpful Hints for the Hopeless by Colleen Curtin

Guilt By Association-basking in the light of reflected infamy by Belinda Rachman

Clinton's Health Plan Is Held To The Light-Not A Dry Eye In Sight by K. Michael Kemper

A Framework For Somalia by Christopher Scott Trunzo

The Three Bigs: Why Big Business May Be Bad for America by Vince Farhat and Robert Little

Letters to the Editor. Multiculturalism, Irvine Grant Defended

Free Agency: Baseball's Boon or Bane? by Eric Siegler

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1993 volume 22 number 2

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