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Spring SBA budget approved. Tight budget results in cuts to all groups by Mitch Kam

Student Bar Association Budget

Women's Law Caucus. Allred visit goes off without a hitch by Warner Broaddus

Law school readies for ABA/LSD inspection

A view from the bench. Support the troops - avoid Saddam's wishes by Charles D. Hrvatin, Editor-in-Chief

President's Report by Steve Smith, SBA President

Graduation day is a day to be shared

Letters to Motions

The Winter of My Discontent by Jon Ocepek

Protesters should take note and notice by Mark Brnovich

Public Interest Law. Attorney fees awarded to CPIL against med board

CALPIRG. Research group checks out San Diego H20

More Hall PILF. Intern program needs money for pledge drive by David Carducci

Press takes note of ABA's work with Soviet attorneys by Marian Bloss, Drake Law School

Dean speaks to school's present & future problems

USD bar passage rate rises for July '90 bar

Pardee Legal Reference Center. Computer instruction will keep law library staff busy by Brent Bernau, Assistant Director

Middle East Crisis is hot topic for Journal

Iraq has interesting track record

Shibley Telhami, Professor of Government

Diplomats converge for Symposium. Best speakers available join symposium panel

Paul H. Boeker, Former Ambassador to Jordan

John Norton Moore, Director - Center for Law and National Security

Ved Nanda, Professor of Law

Robert Rosenstock, U.N. Legal Counselor

Frank Maestrone, Former Ambassador to Kuwait

Hays Parks, Chief, International Law Branch, Internal Affairs Division, Judge Advocate General of the Army

Sanford Lakhoff, Professor of Political Science

Writing competition open for Journal

Moot Court Constitutional Law trials focus on freedom of speech

Alumni Advisor Program sign-ups still open to 1Ls from Kathy Reibel, Alumni Association

New bill to protect California college athletes from improper agent contact

Aids education to be given at Indian Health Center

Summer Abroad. Slide show highlights - Institutes reception

Death penalty debated van der Haag to meet Landon by Brad Weinreb

Dickinson sponsors Summer abroad program in Vienna

Local media heads discuss questions the public poses

South American priest-poet set to speak in Hahn UC

Student groups around town organize peace rallies for next week

Events ... On and around campus

SBA keeps operating for students

Student Bar Association Budget Breakdown by Organization

Private corp sets up database for job hunting

Formal benefits Home for Guiding Hands

Classified Ads

Young Artists competition features San Diego area artists

Student entrepreneurs await national contest, convention

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Motions 1991 volume 4 number 5

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