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Jesse Jackson, Jr. to. Speak Tonight in Shiley Theatre by Laura G. Morton

Fellmeth Completes Term as State Bar Discipline Monitor by Julie D' Angelo

Supreme Court Abortion Rights Activist to Speak

'Sexual Orientation' Added to Non-discrimina#on Statement

July, 1991 Bar Passage Results: Congratulations!

Fireside Chats With Kristine Strachan: Dean Addresses Non-discrimination Policy, MLK Day and USD Study Abroad Program by Mary A. Smigielski

Board of "Trustees OK's Tuition Increase Over Student Protests by Mary Smigielski

Microforms/Documents: A Library Within a Library by Sushila Selness, Microforms/Documents Librarian

LEXIS Certification Offered to First-years by Brent Bernau, LRC Assistant Director

CPIL Seeks New Interns from the CPIL Office

Do You Want$$$ from SBA?

San Diego Law Review Publishes New Issue by Kristine S. Karila, Editor-in-Chief San Diego Law Review

Shawn Randolph: The SBA President's Report

First-years start on Road to Recovery with PDP from Phi Delta Phi

The Client Letter You Have Always Wanted to Write by Dewey, Cheatum and Howe

The ULTIMATE Bar Review: Le Gringo et L 'Hollywood dans Paris

Institute on International and Comparative Law: Mexico, London, Russia/Poland

Oxford by Mary Galardi

Traveling Europe by Train? Eurorail Price Increase Announced


Dublin by Warner Broaddus

Motions Editorial: By All Means, Study Abroad this Summer

Christmas: Gifts they Could Have Received by Dallas O'Day

Civil Rights Today: Fighting the Pretense by Laura G. Morton

Faculty Question of the Month: Do you think the government should release the documents pertaining to the Kennedy assassination now?

Letters to the Editor: Law School Gets Failing Grade from Student


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Motions 1992 volume 5 number 6

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