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Law Student Killed at General Dynamics by Mary A. Smigielski

Barkacs and Mehta Win Con Law Competition by Laura G. Morton

ACLU President to Speak In Courtroom on March 16

Women in the Legal Field: How Do They Fare Today? by Laura G. Morton

1992 Jessup Team Prepares for Victory by Mary Smigielski

CPIL's Model Anti-Secrecy Bill Squeaks through Senate from the CPIL Office

Prof. Alexander Explains Weak Links in Roe v. Wade by Laura G. Morton

Question of the Month: Should Roe v.Wade be Overturned

Supreme Court Attorney Predicts Cases by Linda L. Barkacs

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Professors Are Doing When They Are Not in Class? Faculty Works

Faculty Form Begins Tonight

One Year Later: Student Expresses Gratitude for Wartime Support by Laura G. Morton

Speakers Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During Law. School Celebration by Laura G. Morton

What's Up for Grabs: Upcoming SBA Elections by Miles Weiss, SBA Vice President

Spring 1992 SBA budget allocation breakdown

Lookin' or Romance? Maybe It's Here...

The ULTIMATE Bar Review: Speaking of Romance...How Inhibited Are You?

The Sexy, Surprising Secrets of Studs and their Women by Dallas O'Day

First La Raza Scholarships Awarded to Students by Jack V. Bournazian Treasurer, La Raza

SBA Proposed Resolution

LBC Acquires Early B1Fit Reporter by Michael White Law Reference Librarian

More Hall PIL Foundation Sponsors Student's Dreams Robert Chong

WLC Plans Active Semester by Linda Bell, Women's Law Caucus

Pro Bono Starts New Program

Congratulations to Law Review by Kristine S. Karila, Editor-in-Chief San Diego Law Review

Calender of Events

From the Editor's Desk: by Mary A. Smigielski, Editor-in-Chief

Communication Fails by Laura G. Morton

Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: The Current State of Race Relations in the U.S. by Robert Little

Letters to the Editor: Students Angry at Media Coverage of Classmate's Death by Matthew Murphy

Sports and the Law

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1992 volume 5 number 7

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