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Faculty Takeover of Journal to Be Decided at Oct.30 Meeting

The Third Man: 'Win with Wallner' Campaign Takes Off in Race for 49th by Stacie L. Brandt

Fellmeth Accepts Law School's First Endowed Faculty Chair by CPIL Staff

The Party Is Over USD Student Witnesses the Fall by Christie Graves

San Diego Law Review Announces New Members by Tom O'Brien

Do You Know? Vice President Gives USD Commencement Address by Sylvia Polonsky

Career Center Should Be First Step for Job Planning by Elizabeth Genel

LRAPStudy Underway by Christopher Harris

Noted Natural Law Theorist Speaks at USD: Professor Charles Rice by L. Lucarelli

USD Students Honored by ABA by Cheryl Forbes

Student Organization Roundup by Justin I. Miller

SBA President's Report by Robert Chong

SBA Budget Fall Semester 1992

Barrister's Society Picks National Team by Shirvan Shenna

1992 Alumni Tort Competition Kicks Off Moot Court Calendar by Moot Court Board

Rotaract: A Service Club for Students by Sandra L. Johnson

Editorialist Perkins Speaks on Poverty by Robert Little

Legal Perspective: Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council

Comment on Lucas by Bernard H. Siegan

Lucas in Brief

The Future Treatment of Partial Takings after Lucas by John Minan

Parking Lot from Heck! by Christopher Scott Trunzo

Humor in the Nineties: 'The Howard Stern Show' by Dallas O'Day

BAR REVIEW: Hollywood and Gringo, Still Thirsty

Professor Rice on Euthanasia: Final Solution to Moral Dilemma? by D. Elisabeth Espy

Moot Court: A Plea for Competence, not Callousness by Mark Bagula and Robert Little

On the Right: Privacy, Existentialism, and the Fall of American Democracy by L. Lucarelli

On the Left: Labor v. Fair Employment: Labor Commission I11 - Equipped to Handle Gay Rights Enforcement by Judy Carbone

Czar's Corner 'Well Hung Jury' Hanging On to Top Ranking by Keith Cramer

A Ban on Notebooks? by Lee S. Meyer

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1992 volume 6 number 1

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