Newspaper, Motions (1987-2019)



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First Years Gussy Up for Mentor Meetings by Stacie L. Brandt

USD Hosts Debate for ALI Products Liability Study by Gregory T. Lyall

Musings of a Supreme Court Justice: California Jurist Panelli by Christopher Harris

An.Interview With the Dean by Scott Slattery

JCLI Seeks Student Articles by Paul C. Wohlmuth

New Journal Format

How to Practice Being a Lawyer by Elizabeth Genel

Pro Bono Publico: Lawyers Donating Services by Shannon Goldman

PDP Initiates with Cal Western by John G. Iannarelli

Werries Persuades Pest Control Agency to Comply with the Law by CPIL Staff

USD Mediation Training Nation's First by Troy Zander

SBA President Report by Robert Chong

USD School of Law Final Exam Schedule Fall, 1992

LRAP Survey Results by Christopher Harris

APALSA Legal Clinic Is Major Challenge by Robert Chong

The Lucas Decision by Jamison A. Ross

Northern Summer Exposure by Kathryn Turner Arsenault

Did You Know? Is Humor in Law School Illusory? by Sylvia Polonsky

Tort Perspective: ALI Reporters' Study

Star Trek. A Look Into the Realm of a True Trekkie by Sandra L. Johnson

Sex We Can Do Without by Dallas O'Day

Pavarotti Plays Sports Arena by Allan D. Wopschall

BAR REVIEW: The North County: Watering Holes in the Wilderness

Letters: Gay Rights


Interviewing Tips by SNL's Cajun Man by Susan Kang

Bagging the Grille: USD Food Monopoly Inefficient by Christopher Scott Trunzo

Adding a Verse of Justice by Judy Carbone

Complying with (Moot) Court Rules by Michael B. Kelly

A Framework for California Politics by Robert Little

On the Left: Against the .Death Penalty by D. Elisabeth Espy

On the Right: The Death Penalty: A Matter of Justice by L.Lucarelli

Czar's Corner Section E Pulls Off Stunning Upset by Keith Cramer

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1992 volume 6 number 3

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