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Justice Blackmun Speaks at USD by Stacie L. Brandt

Reflections on an Election by Tom Turner

Chris Wonnell Voted Professor of the Year in Run-Off by James Kuperstein

Honor Court Suspends Student; Faculty Confirms by Robert Little

USD School of Law Improves Ranking by Eric Siegler

Michael Konz Remembered at Scholarship Gathering

lLs Allege Special Study Groups Aid Too Few by Eric Siegler

Pro Bono Legal Advocates by Shannon Goldman

Judge Coates: Homeless Advocate by Shannon Goldman

SBA President's Report by Robert Chong

SBA President-Elect's Report by Brand Fields

Evening Student Survey by Lynn Field-Karsh

Speakers' Forum: 'McLaughlin Group' Panelist Speaks by Emil J. Wohl

Keuhl Illuminates Women's History Week by Larissa Kehoe

Gays in the Military: Should the Ban Be Lifted? by Jamison A. Ross

Ask the Librarian: The LRC: Hold the Card Catalog by Tom Turner

The Bill of Rights and American Legal History by Franklin A. Weston

New Book Arrivals at the LRC by Franklin A. Weston

Box Score: Harry A. Blackmun

Supreme Court Perspective: Blackmun's Jurisprudence by William K. Browning

The Lecture: Change in America by Gregory T. Lyall

Blackmun Entertains Students at Lunch by GeorTre) Morrison

Book Review: Anita Little Truth by Robert Little

Bye by Dallas O'Day

A Rallying Cry to All by Cynthia Hocking

Bar Review: P.B.: The Boys Hit the Bars


Opinion: Behind the Center: Taxes Are Just, Another Dirty Business by John Wallner

Concerns About Scholarships Based on Neither Need Nor Remedy by Brian Edmonston

On the Left: The Healing of a Nation by Judy Carbone

On the Right: The Economy, the Election, and a Little Natural Law by L. Lucarelli

On Sexual Harassment by Bill Collins

Some Suggested SBA Reforms by Brian Edmonston ans Matt Frank

Students Respond To

Proposed Reforms for SBA


America's Game: Spring Baseball Picks by Eric Siegler

Flood v. Kuhn: Blackmun on Baseball

Interview with the Provost by Laleaque Grad

Sister Surprise by Larissa Kehoe

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1993 volume 6 number 7

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