Newspaper, Motions (1987-2019)



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Come and Get It. New Scholarship Money Arrives from Many Sources, Students Promised Succor by James Kuperstein

Tanned, Rested and Ready. Refurbished Warren Hall Greets New and Returning U.S.D. Law Students by Christopher Scott Trunzo

New Moot Court Board Gears Up for Alumni Tort Law Competition by Geoff Morrison

Students Welcomed With Expanded LRC Staff and Services by Nancy Carol Carter

LRC Reference Ready to Help Student Researchers by Franklin A. Weston

New Books at the Legal Research Center Greet Returning Students by Franklin A. Weston

Law Review Announces New Members. The New, Review Crew Queue by Robert Little

Legal Fraternity Phi Delta Phi Prepares for New Year, New Challenges by Denise Hickey

Furay Delays Retiring; Provost Adds Three Years

Law School to Launch Teaching-Oriented "Street Law" Class, Plus New Courses by Tom Turner

CPIL Begins Fourteenth Year as Advocate for the Public Interest and Welcomes New Interns from CPIL Staff

Children's Advocacy Institute Launches Child Advocacy Clinic from the CPIL Staff

Simply Fabulous Things at the USD Career Center! by Elizabeth Genel

Exhilarating Terror Greets White Water Rafting Law Student - Rides the River and Lives to Tell! by April Spritzer

Student Bar Association President's Report by Brad Fields

Three-L Finds Sense of Satisfaction in Prosecutor's Office by Kathryn E. Meola

Summer Clerk Opportunities for Law Students Show Students the Diversity of the Legal Profession by Catherine Cottis

All This and a Stay at Caesar's Palace Too - An Adventure in Crime by Geoff Morrison

Insurance Firm Offers Training, Experience by Brad Fields

Emergency Change in Plans Could Be Blessing in Disguise by Robin Segal

Small Firm Litigation Offers Wide Experience, But With Pressure, Too by Frances Quevedo

Visiting Professors Bring Diverse Knowledge and Experience to the USD Law School Community by Larissa Kehoe

Faculty Publications, Appointments and Addresses, 1992-1993

Dean, Professoriate Launch Series of Faculty-Student Colloquia by Robert Little

New First Year Students Greeted by Orientation, Picnic by Eric Siegler

Review & Outlook. The Snows of Bosnia, Revisited

The Night Patrol: Why I Hate the I.N.S. by Judy Carbone

The Vincent Foster Tragedy by Robert Little

The Scourge of·Multiculturalism by Christopher Scott Trunzo

Bar Review: The Pennant

How I Became Incompetent at Dating by Elizabeth Friedland

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1993 volume 22 number 1

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