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Law Dean Kristine Strachan, USD Sued For Wrongful Termination by Laleaque Grad and James Kuperstein

United States Attorney Nominee Alan Bersin Addresses Issues Before USD Law Students by Jamison A. Ross

University Budget Committee Debates 94-95 Appropriations by Peter Salmon

What's New at the Legal Research Center? New Books Received

Lexis Off-Line Printing Privileges Curtailed Due to Abuse by Ruth Levor

Symposium on Federal Abortion Funding Held by Laleaque Grad

USD's Pro Bono Domestic Violence Clinic Offers Victims Assistance by Courtney Ann Coyle

Alumnus Todd Stevens Speaks About Pro Bono Activities and the AIDS Crisis by Kelley Murphy

Book Review: Historic Supreme Court Decisions Retold In New Collection by Stephanie Trapp

Adjunct Professor Lisa Foster Brings Real World Expertise to USD by Laleaque Grad

Ipso and Facto: Laptop Law Kittens for Adoption by Analee Nations

First Year Students: Begin Your Career Search Now! by Analee Nations

Christopher Osakwe Delivers Lecture on Russian Commercial Law by Cynthia Rajsbaum

Student Bar Association President's Report by Brad Fields

PILF Pub Crawl Resounding Success

Public Interest Law Foundation Holds Monte Carlo Night

A Tale from the Criminal Courts bv Susan H. Kang

Indian Gaming: A Lucky Draw for the Reservations or Just Another Crap Shoot? by Geoff Morrison

Blind Man's Bluff: Mystery Dating Deception, Angst by Elizabeth Friedland

Malotov Coffee: Caffinated Culture

Fear and Loathing in the Interview Room: My Side of the Story by S.P. Jones

Belinda Etezad Rachman Says: Law School Is Ruining Our Lives

Travels in Europe: Tourism and Tragedy Juxtaposed ,During Summer Study Tour by Ken Zaretzke

Ms. Motions: Helpful Hints for the Hopeless by Colleen Curtin

Two Years, 21 Weeks Left: Some Thoughts on First Year of Law School by Mike Battin

Bar Review: Hanalei Hotel - Islands Lounge

Though Jordan Is Gone, The NBA Will Live On by Eric Siegler

Free Agency: "Greatest-Thing Ever to Happen to Baseball" by Mark Slipock

Leave it to Beavis by Kevin Kemper

Six Percent of The People Get Ninety Percent of the Wealth and You Aren't Part of The Six Percent by Belinda Etezad Rachman

Review & Outlook: Lexis Praxis

Police Harassment: After the Pub Crawl

The Anabasis of Censorship by Eric Sibgler

Letter to the Editor: Irvine Crystalized: Multiculturalism Defended... Again

Get Serious: Motions Name Game Has International Ramifications by John M. Callahan

SBA President Brad Fields Outlines Civil Procedure

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1993 volume 22 number 3

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