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1993 Jessup Moot Court Competition Considers Treatment of Refugees by Christie Graves

Prof. Siegan, Advisor to New Democracies, Returns from Eastern Europe Trip by Robert Little

Law School Hosts Forum on Possible Post-NAFTA Border Environmental Problems by Mark Scott Bagula

What's New in the Legal Research Center: Recent Acquisitions by Franklin A. Weston

The Student Bar Association: Report from the President by Brad Fields

Mutatis Mutandis: It's Motions! by Robert Little

1994 July California Bar Passage Rate Drops Four-tenths to 59 Percent by Robert Little

Faculty, Administration Seeking Graduation Speaker Proposals by Robert Little

Having Mr. Robert Redford over For a Thanksgiving Feast

MalatovCoffee: A Fearless Foray Into Discography and Films by Ernest Bell

Kathy Only Studies When Alex Sleeps: First Year Law Students Who Are Full Time Mothers by Belinda Etezad Rachman

Strange Goings on at the Bar Review: My Side of the Story by S.P. Jones

The Sad Saga of a wife's Attempt to Free Willy by Kevin Kemper

The Other Side of Native Tribal Gambling: Jurisdictional Issues Put Safety At Risk by Daniel Clifford

Three Strikes & You are Out! by Christopher Scott Trunzo

Letters to the Editor. Count Your Blessings Before Hurling Condemnations

Presented for Your Consideration... A Few, Questions by April Spitzer

Belinda Etezad Rachman says: Frederico Fellini was the God of Cinema

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1993 volume 22 number 4

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