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Major Revisions To Honor Code Proposed, Student Input Needed by James Kuperstein

Student Bar Association Budgets for Spring Organizations and Events by Robert Little

3L Denise Hickey Wins Phi Delta Phi Balfour Scholarship by Christopher Scott Trunzo

What's new in the LRC? New Books received by Franklin A. Weston

President's Report: State of the SBA by Brad Fields

Recently Conceived Child Advocacy Clinic Meets the Needs of Many by Sunil Moorjani

Students On Faculty And University Committees

USD: To Host Water Law Conference

Plan Ahead: Spring 1994 Final Examination Schedule

Life in the Jungle: The Dating Gym by Elizabeth Friedland

Christmas: Our Hero's Misguided, Holiday Sleighride Through Hell and Points South by S.P. Jones

Malatov Coffee: Playing Around with "The Piano"

Belinda Etezad Rachman Says: Midterms Now that was a really intense ride

Football, Baseball, Tennis and Other Distractions From Studying by Eric Siegler

Defending the Academic Support Program by Jim Ballard

Academic Support Program: Questions Left Unanswered by Law School Administrators by April Spitzer and Geoff Morrison

The Administration's View

Life's Apologia: A Survey of Life-Affirming Arguments Against Abortion in America by Michael Shonafelt and Vince L. Farhat

Tortfeasors Beat Undergrad Alumni, Win Championship by Jim Ballard

Bar Review: The Whaling Bar & Grill - La Valencia Hotel

The Queen Of C Section by Belinda Etezad Rachman

On the Banned Wagon: Signs of The (Los Angeles) Times and the End of Frank Discussion by Kevin Kemper

Review & Outlook. Graduation-Speaker Ideas

The Quota Killer

Address the Disease, Not the Symptoms by Christopher Scott Trunzo and Mark Nyman

It's Hard to Believe by Jenne Brobst

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Motions 1994 volume 22 number 5

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