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1994 Commencement Speaker to be Drawn From a "New List" of Nominees by Robert Little

USD Law School Faculty Rejects Fields Honor Court Revisions at Meeting by Robert Little

USD Places First In 26th Annual Roger J. Traynor Moot Court Competition by Catherine Cottis

What's New at the Legal Research Center? New Books Received by Franklin A. Weston

Book Review: Richard Glen Boire, Marijuana Law by Stephanie Tripp

Unique Clinical Opportunities Await USD Law Students at CPIL

ILS and PDP to Co-Sponsor Guest Speaker on International Human Rights

Law Revue: A Talent. Show for All

Student Bar Association President's Report by Brad Fields

Jury Nullification: An Evil That Must Not Be Encouraged by Christopher Scott Trunzo

Packin' Wood: The Reminiscing of an Incurable Romantic Revealed by Kevin Kemper

Letter to the Editor: Reader Decries "Fowl" Usage in Article by

Handy Guide for Potential California Bar Takers by Geoff Morrison

My Summer With Antonin: Justice Scalia's Spin on the Bill of Rights and The Separation of Powers by Ken Zaretzke

Picking The Judge's Mind: If You Don't Know The Law, Know The Judge-Part 2 by Belinda Etezad Rachman

A Bar Review Who's Who For You

Advice for Out of State Bar Takers by Mark Nyman

Baseball 1994: American League Spring Training Preview by Eric Siegler

The First Annual Motions Third Year Student Survey by Tom Turner

Sports Corner by Eric Siegler

The First Annual Motions Third Year Student Survey by Tom Turner

Getting the Most (Usable) Computer Bang for Your Buck by Charles Bouldin

Belinda Etezad Rachman Says: The People United Can Never Be Defeated Power to the People!

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Motions 1994 volume 22 number 7

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