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There Oughta be a Law: Justice Scalia"s Judicial Philosophy is Espoused to an Eager Crowd by Chris Lamb

In Memory of: AIDS Takes The Life of LRC Reference Librarian Michael M. White

What's New in The LRC? New Books Received by Franklin A. Weston

Scalia Visits Constitutional Law Class by Tiffany Kemp

Russia/Poland By Charles Bouldin

The Job Market for New Attorneys By Laleaque Grad

Kids' Plates A Success For Children's Advocacy Institute (CAI) by James Kuperstein

Corner of Computer Savvy by Charles Bouldin

Aggression Against Women at Home and Abroad by Jennifer Brobst

Marcy Kaye Offers Lawyers Perspective On Sexual Harassment by Andy Smith

A Supervisor's Experience with Sexual Harassment by Chris Knight

It Could Happen to You! by Alison Cohen

The Cost of Sexual Harassment To The New Six Million Dollar Man by Elizabeth Cutright

Back to the Drawing Board on Civil Rights by Michelle Paradise and Donna Pahl

Pro-Bono Work - No Wonder No One Likes Lawyers by Pam Scholefield

From the left...Guns Kill by Many P. Daggett

From the right... Guns-R-Us by Tom Lewis

Choose Your Own Graduation Speaker!!! by Dean Carrie Wilson

Letters To the Editor: Response to a "Stinky" Issue

Letters To the Editor: Getting Exam Accommodations Isn't Always an Accommodating Process!

Human Rights Activist Looks At The Root of Chiapas by John Lemmo

Surviving The MTV Explosion: Generation X by Wendi Whitmore

Ask the Judge (Barbara Jean Johnson)

Here Come The Playoffs by David Boyd

Pro-Bono Legal Advocates... by Jennifer Myer

Jobs. Fall 1994 update by Kate Vargas

Students "Boot Up" New Club: Science and Technology Law Society launched! by Pam Scholefield

November Events

PDP Hosts Panel Discussion on Attorney Ethics

Sports Attorneys Share Secrets

Phi Alpha Delta by Holly Biggs

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Motions 1994 volume 30 number 3

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