Newspaper, Motions (1987-2019)



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Law School Talent Show a Hit by Fred Hagen

Law Review Editorial Board Selections Spark Controversy by Laleaque Grad

In corning President's Message to the Students

What's New in the LRC? by Franklin A. Weston

New Column! WIRED at the LRC by Professor Nancy Carol Carter

Si1nplify Your Su1n1ner By Kenneth Long

National Mock Trial Tea1n Continues the Winning Tradition by Stace James

Tales of Trial Team 2L

Out with the old... A Final Note by James Kuperstein

In with the New. Prelude

Students Show Concern over Financial Aid Cuts by Wendi Whitmore

SBA Elections: Politics on a Grass-Roots Level by Matthew Brega and Wendi Whitmore

The Other Side of the Financial Aid Debate by Chris Knight

Exam Taking and the Art of origami by Chris Lamb

Belinda Etezad Rachman Says: Break in to your client's Trust Account and see how fast you end up in "The Discipline Report"

Of Finals and Follies by Kenneth Long

Suggestions For Staying Off The Oprah Winfrey Show (or, Coping with Stress) by Chris Lamb

Exam Tips Fro1n the Experts by Mary Daggett

How to Lose an Appeal and Beco1rte a Judge: Ninth Circuit Judge Kozinski's Wry Advice by Jennifer Brobst

"Will You Marry Me, or Something?" by Bob Karwin

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Diluting the Dream by Kenneth Long

New Editor-in-Chief of Law Review Gives Inside View of Recent Events

USD Student Responds to Questionable Photo

Debate Topic: Civil rights for Gays

From the Left...Civil rights for Gays by Mary P. Daggett

From the Right...Civil rights for Gays by Tom Lewis and Jim Swiderski

Popular Professor Says Good-Bye to USD Students

Interested in Joining the Trial Team?

Pro Bono MS Walk for Multiple Sclerosis Update by Christine Keating

PAD Update by John Safyurtlu

USD Jessup International Law Team Tops in USA

Jena Kirsh's "Sit Down Stand Up"

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1995 volume 30 number 8

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