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From the Editor

Opinion. "May it Please the Court..." by Dan Kaminsky

Hate Crimes on Campus Continue by Danesh L. Tandon

The Electronic Parent: How Soon until our Television Sets Start Breastfeeding our Children? by Richard Ormond

Letters To the Editor

USD's Trial Team prepares for battle by R. Scott Dervaes and Kathryn Dove

Protocols for students during the interview process

The Bar Review Course War is Finally Over: West/Barpassers Officially Closes

American Bar Association provides benefits and just plain fun for law students by Jessica Fortner

The Motions Question of the Month

Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Cates '85: "I've got my MTV!" by Barbara Craig

Alan Saxe '81: "Lifestyle Choices Make All The Difference" by Barbara Craig

How Did You Spend Your Summer?: Truths about elegant travel abroad by Richard Ormond

How Do You Feel About Female Sportscasters Doing Locker Room Interviews? by Jennifer Ingram

SBA Fall Picnic a rousing success

What your favorite people did this summer: the answers to all your most profound questions

Movie reviews herald the death knell of a summer past by Dan Flynn

Pro Bono and PILF reach out by Michelle Baker

Unsanctioned sports commentary: The State of the Game (baseball) by "EZ Money" Dave Natanzi

Check It Out. The LRC is Now the Proud Owner of These Great New Books by Franklin A. Weston

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association, Newsletter



Motions 1997 volume 33 number 2

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