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ABA/LSD presents Motions staff four journalism awards

Midterm policy changed; first years get optional grade by Charles Andre

Alum remembered by memorial award

Want something done? You have to do it yourself by Charles Hrvatin

Old exams: helping or hurting by Starr Lee

Amicus Curiae by Haven Courtney

Prop. 106 would limit quality lawyers for injured parties by John Thaler

New SBA by-laws adopted. Changes effectuated to promote increased student participation and higher accountability of Council by Dan LeVine

President's Report by Jack O'Donnell, SBA President

Excessively: hight minority drop-out rate scares by David Hall

Students get feel for future with CPP Summer Associate Panel discussion by Mary Ann Salaber, Career Planning Director

Parking set aside for law students by Charles Andre

PAD chapter initiates 61 new members

Law library introduces new public services staff by Prof. ·Nancy Carol Carter, Law Library Director

Merit scholarships awarded

1988 Writing competition winners named to San Diego Law Review

Aerobics offered

Minan views law school's growth as boon to reputation by Charles Andre

1988 ABA Conference signals change for Law Student Division student government by Matthew Pribyl

Student. loan fraud charged against LA students

"L.A. Law" affects admission by Jamie Sternberg

De La Torre, new prof brings zest for learning-to law school by Matthew M. Pribyl

Huge or Medium Inconvenience, library expansion continues by Carole Blum

Bowman wins Mood Court finals, LoBello second by Mike Still

SDG&E bows to CPIL interns by Julie D'Angelo

Law/MCL Soccer Club meets Sundays

More Hall group sponsors student forum

Multitude· of ·scholarships weigh as student incentive by John Altomare

Applications up 39%, nation up 18%

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Motions 1988 volume 2 number 2

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