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University of San Diego’s Nonprofit Leadership and Management (NLM) master’s degree program places a special focus on experiential learning, requiring students to complete multiple applied projects as part of the program’s curriculum. Applied projects give students various opportunities to work in teams to provide real-world consulting services to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. In developing this curriculum, the NLM program serves both the students who are given these real-world consulting opportunities, as well as the client organizations who benefit from the services provided by the students.

In Fall 2010, the University of San Diego’s NLM program initiated an Applied Projects Evaluation to better understand and continuously track the effectiveness of these applied student projects, as perceived by the nonprofit and philanthropic client organizations. Thus, the Applied Projects Evaluation serves as a client-feedback mechanism for monitoring how well the client organizations feel the applied projects program is functioning overall. This ongoing evaluation study is designed and managed by The Caster Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research at the University of San Diego. This Organizational Impact Report summarizes the results of the past five semesters (Spring 2011 to Spring 2013), in which 131 applied projects were completed. Online surveys were sent to the client representative from each of the 131 participating organizations approximately four to six months following the completion of the applied project. A cumulative total of 82 organizations responded, representing a cumulative response rate of 63%.

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Building on work by Paula Krist, Ph.D., Heather Carpenter Ph.D., and Holly Hoffman, M.N.M

2013 Applied Projects Evaluation Organizational Impact Report