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Advancing the San Diego region’s resilience to climate change impacts within the nexus of social, environmental, and economic prosperity is a top priority for local planning and efforts. As the region continues to face impacts on quality of life from climate change, the City of Encinitas is taking action to respond by leading efforts of energy resilience with their recently passed Green Building Ordinance (Ordinance). The Ordinance requires all new residential and non-residential buildings constructed in Encinitas to be “all-electric” unless an exception applies. As the San Diego region moves towards decarbonizing, Encinitas is the first city to mandate building electrification for virtually all new construction - advancing local climate action planning and setting an example for others.

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energy, green building, Encinitas, climate change, climate action plan, San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative


Environmental Education | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Sustainability

Electrifying Encinitas