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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare, over a period of 5 days, the rate of adhesion of TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape (TKT) with either KT Tape® (KT) or Kinesio® Tex Gold (KTEX) under 25% elongation among healthy adults.

Methods: In this study, 2 independent cohorts of 20 healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to simultaneously receive applications of 2 brands of deidentified elastic therapeutic tape (ETT) applied to their lower back at 25% elongation. Cohort 1 received TKT and KTEX tape, whereas cohort 2 received TKT and KT. Data were collected at 1 h (D1), 3 days (D3), and 5 days (D5) following the initial application of the ETT. Data collected included 3 digital photographs of the subjects’ lower back. The percentage of the tape that remained adhered (0%–100%) was assessed independently by 3 evaluators and then averaged to arrive at a percentage of tape adhesion for each brand of tape at each data collection point.

Results: Repeated-measures ANOVA of cohort 1 indicated no differences (P > .05) in adhesion between the TKT and KTEX at any data collection point, although post hoc analysis of the significant time effect indicated that the rate of adhesion of the KTEX brand declined from D1 (97%) to D3 (74%) to D5 (59%), whereas that of the TKT tape did not change over the duration of the study (97%, D1; 86%, D2; 70%, D3). In cohort 2, the analysis indicated a significant interaction effect with the KT brand (99%, D1; 67%, D2; 35%), declining over the course of the study and exhibiting lower rate of adhesion than the TKT (99%, D1; 83%, D2; 76%, D3) brand at D3 and D5. The rate of adhesion of the TKT tape did not significantly decline in cohort 2.

Conclusions: Clinicians can use evidence from this study when choosing different ETT brands."

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