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Leroy C. Hardy

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In 1965, California 's state legislative districts were revised to comply with the United States Supreme Court's one man, one vote rule. This Article traces the life of proposals for congressional change from birth to approval between 1965 and 1967, and offers insight into the actual operation of a reapportionment process. This Article considers the development of a bill on redistricting from several perspectives, including a look at the political situation in 1965, the pressures and desires of political actors, and the governmental response to legal challenges. After approval, this Article considers what a reapportionment bill has done, the factors that affect reapportionment, and what reapportionment accomplished. This Article concludes that current reapportionment designs and legislation are adequate, even though legislation does not allow for mechanically contrived, equally patterned reapportionment based on objective criteria.

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