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Lee G. Anderson

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This Article will discuss several of the proposed solutions to the problem of how the distribution of the wealth of the living resources will be affected by the exploitation program in light of their ability to bring about rational economic use of marine fisheries. The success in each case is directly related to preciseness of the definition of property rights. This Article also contains three other short sections that deal with the economic aspects of other issues of international fisheries management. Section II discusses the problem of public goods. For instance, secure property rights notwithstanding, international co-operation in research, and in the provision of such things as weather and fish location information may be mutually beneficial to all countries concerned in terms of services provided and cost. Section III deals with the economics of international trade in fishing effort or in rights to fish once, or if, property rights are defined. Finally, section IV deals with the economics of the fisheries problem with regard to other aspects of the law of the sea.