San Diego Law Review

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Foreword: Current Currents in Institutionalization


David B. Wexler

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The tasks of a modern-day "foreword-writer," as I understand them, are (a) to introduce symposium articles in a manner that makes apparent their interlocking nature, rather than in a manner that makes them resemble a mere "laundry-list," and (b) to convince readers of the current importance of the issues addressed. Ideally, the tasks should be executed in a manner that provides ample breathing space for the expression of the writer's own views. Ideally, too, as I have learned from bitter experience, the tasks should be performed utilizing resource materials with which the writer is already versed-indeed, utilizing resource materials that are virtually on the writer's desk. The use of familiar desk materials not only spares the writer countless house of library research, but also of itself helps to convince readers of the genuine relevance and timeliness of the symposium topics. Accordingly, from the vantage point of my desk at the University of Arizona, I will do my best to introduce the San Diego Law Review's issue on Institutionalization.

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