San Diego Law Review


Alan G. James

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Immigration and Nationality XV


In this Article, Mr. James traces the historical roots of expatriation to its current application in present-day law, regulations and procedures. Using as a reference point both the expatriation of the American novelist Henry James and the United States Supreme Court's 1990 decision in Vance v. Terrazas, the author highlights the major facets of expatriation. Specifically, the author focuses on processing and documentation of loss of nationality cases, development of the role of the Department of State in expatriation, the constituent elements of a determination of loss of nationality, and administrative and judicial review of holdings of loss of citizenship made by the Department of State. Whereas, the three branches of government were at one time in conflict over the treatment of expatriation, the author concludes the there is now a general harmony of view in government on the fundamental principles of expatriation.