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We should organize a national project to awaken our people to the necessity for law and order in a democratic society. There is a zone of responsibility that only the public can shoulder. It is ruled neither by malum prohibitum of the law not the concept of constitutional freedoms. It has to do with the mores of the people. We must face it, there is a loosening of morals and respect for constituted authority that might–unless arrested–lead to the destruction of our nation. However, that is a long range program in which others must take over. I only mention it and pass on to a facet of the over-all reformation in which lawyers, law schools and judges may act immediately and effectively. My proposal is an active program of action to unite the academics of the law with the practical. It would bring together the prosecutors, the investigators and police officers, and defense counsel into educational programs beamed at law enforcement. It would start in the law school but would encompass training programs for those already engaged in the field.

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