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Opponents of the North American Free Trade Agreement ("NAFTA"), were they to take a look, would find the current performance of San Diego's economy antithetical to their economic theories, San Diego is conspicuously lacking the net job loss that free trade opponents were forecasting as the inevitable result of NAFTA. In his book, Save Your Job, Save Our Country: Why NAFTA Must Be Stopped – Now!, Ross Perot, the most prolific NAFTA basher, proclaimed that the economic strength of our entire nation would be jeopardized by NAFTA.' Four and one-half years later, we find that the United States is enjoying a full

employment economy, and that San Diego is actually experiencing labor shortages from unemployment rates consistently below four percent." Nonetheless, while it appears that the dire predictions of NAFTA's impact were erroneous, it is evident from the ill-fated "Fast Track" debate in 1997 that free trade opponents are continuing to find a friendly audience for their claims of NAFTA failure.