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The author of Law and Psychology in Conflict, Mr. James Marshall, is a successful and respected member of the New York Bar. Constitutional law experts may remember him for his successful representation of the NAACP in the second of the "Texas primary election cases" (Grovey v. Townsend, 295 U.S. 45). His skills are not merely those of advocacy. He had been an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York University, has been the president of the New York City Board of Education, and has written several books and articles on political philosophy. Mr. Marshall is a successful blend of brilliance, scholarship, and specialized skill as a lawyer-craftsman. In his maturity he has developed a broad sense of social concern and forward-looking civic mindedness. Consequently, he appears to have narrow specialization. Mr. Marshall's viewpoint has not become fixed in the professional concrete of stereotyped practice. He appears to sources achieved an expanded consciousness of interdisciplinary resources available to me of the law. He describes with real understanding some of the many dimensions in which an interface between psychology and the law is possible. Through his engaging little book (it is a mere 119 pages) he shares with us some of the vista of possibilities his multidimensional viewpoint has encompassed.

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