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The outstanding collection of articles following this Introduction constitutes the 2013 Editors’ Symposium of the San Diego Law Review. The Editors’ Symposium, an annual event, began with the 2004 Symposium, What Is Legal Interpretation?, which appeared in these pages in Volume 42. It was followed in 2005 by the Symposium, The Meaning of Marriage; in 2006 by the Symposium, The Rights and Wrongs of Discrimination; in 2007 by the Symposium, Informational Privacy: Philosophical Foundations and Legal Implications; in 2008 by the Symposium, National Borders and Immigration; in 2009 by the Symposium, Isaiah Berlin, Value Pluralism, and the Law; in 2010 by the Symposium, Freedom of Conscience: Stranger in a Secular Land; in 2011 by the Symposium, The Morality of Preventive Restriction of Liberty; and in 2012 by the Symposium, The Philosophical Foundations of Intellectual Property. All ten symposia were organized by the Institute for Law and Philosophy at the University of San Diego School of Law, and all consisted of papers and comments presented at the School of Law.