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Joseph J. Darby

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A review of E. Bodenheimer, Treatise on justice, W. Friedmann, Legal theory, 5U., and B. Wortley, Jurisprudence. To a certain degree, law is a refection of the social environment in which it exists. Since a multiplicity of forces is constantly at work to produce stresses and tensions that serve to keep society in an incessant state of flux, the law also finds itself in continual need to adjust and readjust. Traditionally, the contemplative jurist in search of aid in the solution of novel social problems has turned to philosophy. Despite the increasing popularity of the auxiliary disciplines of sociology, psychology and other behavioral sciences, it is inevitable that philosophy will continue to rank high on the list of extra-legal source materials which the lawyer can utilize in adapting his legal knowledge to the demands of a technotronic and dynamic social configuration.

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