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This note does not attempt to resolve the myriad constitutional, economic and social issues involved in the task of insuring a free press. It will, however, illuminate the main constitutional and economic problems involved in this process and demonstrate that the government has the power to formulate a substitute for the checks that were once provided by the competitive economic system. It the citizen’s right to a free press is to be more than just an historical oddity, the government must begin regulation of the newspaper industry to insure that no powerful interests have the power to suppress the free interchange of ideas Such unrest has also become a major legal problem. In the light of these changes, it is evident that a rational theory of the legal relationship between the student and the university can develop within the context of the university as an instrument of society. In this concept, student-university relationships cease to be the private affairs the university has ling considered them. The university’s responsibility to its students is a responsibility to society…

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