Publication Date

Spring 5-11-2022

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Action research project: Open access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


In this action research project, I sought to learn how on-campus student employment affects students’ academic success, their leadership development, and their mental health. This project worked with current student employees in the Campus Recreation department at the University of San Diego (USD) to learn both how day-to-day responsibilities and commitments affect a students’ ability to succeed academically, and how it relates to their mental health. The project also sought to help depict whether the department’s student development system successfully or unsuccessfully develops students’ transferable and leadership skills. Participants completed a survey and participated in a one-on-one interview to share their experiences related to their employment. The findings from this study can help USD’s Campus Recreation department, as well as other departments at this institution and others, analyze their holistic student development programs and help to elevate the experience and support that on-campus student employees receive throughout their time of employment at their institution.

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