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Spring 5-7-2018

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Action research project: Open access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


This action research explores the extent of social responsibility—by means of philanthropic learning and volunteerism—that develops within the University of San Diego’s undergraduate student government leaders (Associated Students). The study further explores how the organization’s culture may influence service leadership development, and will identify opportunities within the advising methodology that may encourage students’ service to the larger community. The objective of this research is to: 1) observe whether involvement with undergraduate leadership positions (i.e. student government) can have a substantial impact on students’ conceptualization and commitment to their social responsibility to surrounding communities, 2) explore ways in which the Student Affairs division of higher education can encourage said development and commitment to social responsibility, and 3) explore methods of advising that mobilize student leaders to capitalize on philanthropic and volunteer opportunities. Desirably, the outcomes of this research will aid in the creation of a culture of ‘compassion with action’ within the Associated Students organization--translating to long-term care, engagement, and giving.


Recipient, Outstanding Student of the Year Award, 2018.

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