Publication Date

Summer 8-10-2022

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Action research project: Open access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


The purpose of my action research was to examine the impact of using restorative justice practices with members of my past co-ed Greek-letter organization. My participants were alumni of the co-ed Greek-letter organization that were active members between the years of 2011-2015. I met with my participants individually and taught them about restorative justice practices. I then facilitated a series of community building circles with my participants where we reflected on our time as active members of the organization and explored how being members of the organization has impacted who we are today. We collaborated on creating ideas for community building circles for the current active members of the organization. The outcomes from this research included rebuilding our bonds as alumni of the same organization, being able to talk about difficult situations in the past of the organization, and collaborating on ways in which we can use restorative justice to help with community building and conflict resolution in the future of our organization.

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