Publication Date

Winter 12-2-2022

Document Type

Action research project: Open access

Degree Name

MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


In traditional Latinx culture, Latinas have always prioritized the needs of others before their own. Oftentimes, so much of their time and energy goes towards providing others with the aid and resources to thrive. In conducting pláticas with four Latina student leaders who held an executive leadership role within a Latina student organization, it quickly became evident that these patterns and behaviors appeared in their leadership approach. With the little aid they receive from the University, they are the individuals who are solely responsible for fostering enriching experiences for their student members. Although they lead with compassion, love, and a strong drive to create a sense of belonging for their student members, it can easily become overwhelming, exhausting, and cause burnout for Latina student leaders. By centering the stories of undergraduate Latina student leaders and collectively engaging in intentional community building at the University of San Diego, this action research project brings awareness of the values Latina students center in their leadership approach and the direct needs they expressed to feel better supported in their leadership development. To highlight their voices, motives, and experiences, participants and I created a virtual magazine, where readers of this piece will be able to learn more about the prevailing work Latina students are committed to implementing in their student organizations. This Action Research project acts as a resource in bringing insight to the University of San Diego administrators in gaining awareness about the needs of their student leaders, and how they can foster increased, equitable resources for them.