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Spring 5-8-2024

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Action research project: Open access

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MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


There is a high global demand for institutions to implement and maintain supportive programming for system-impacted students. System-impacted students are those who identify as former foster youth, homeless or at risk for homelessness, emancipated minors, or students in legal guardianships. My action research aimed to understand how to improve the Torero Renaissance Scholars (TRS) program model, delivery, and infrastructure to increase student engagement, program awareness, and partner collaboration at the University of San Diego (USD). TRS is a supportive program that assists students who are system-impacted. Findings from qualitative semi-structured 1:1 interviews, group conversations, and focus groups suggested increased employment efforts, program structure revisions, and incentives would enhance student engagement. Furthermore, there is evidence fostering a collaborative partnership with the nonprofit organization Just in Time will support current and prospective students.

Keywords: system-impacted students, foster care, vulnerable populations, program systems, collaboration, student engagement

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