Publication Date

Summer 8-5-2020

Document Type

Action research project: USD users only.

Degree Name

MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


This study examined self-empowerment among women of color in education. I explored the words, themes and concepts that can construct self-empowerment through the use of Action Research methodology and applied an in-depth questionnaire and focus group made up of four women who were racially and ethnically diverse. The study unpacked reoccurring ideas, themes, concepts, and experiences of self-empowerment and how these daily realities and moment-to-moment decisions/experiences affect our daily lives and measures of power, confidence, acceptance, ownership, honesty and self-love. Self-love was revealed to be synonymous with self-empowerment leading to further research questions of a self-love continuum and what occurs when one is lacking this reality in her life.


This research work served as a love letter to myself and my participants, please honor that experience. This research is to be approached in a loving way. I encourage each reader to fully engage and sit with the information gathered. Attempt to see yourself and consider your own search for love and liberation as you have journeyed through your own life.