Publication Date

Spring 5-10-2021

Document Type

Action research project: Open access

Degree Name

MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


The unprecedented events brought on by the global spread of COVID-19, along with the racial justice protest movement, have contributed to heightened mental, emotional, and physical distress among leaders. While research shows chronic stress and anxiety contribute to decreased focus, creativity, and overall well-being, mindfulness, the practice of being actively aware of the internal and external environment, can counter and mitigate those harmful effects that hinder effective leadership.

This research utilized a mixed-methods approach to examine the impact of mindfulness practices on three leadership competencies that an extensive literature review deems essential for successful leadership in times of uncertainty: self-awareness, stress and anxiety regulation, and self-efficacy. Findings from a pre-post survey confirmed participants demonstrated a significant increase in self-awareness and self-efficacy and a decrease in stress and anxiety. As one of the few studies to investigate the impact of mindfulness practice on leadership development, this research reveals the significance and potential of incorporating mindfulness practices in leadership programs.