Date of Award

Winter 1-1-2017

Document Type

Thesis: Open Access

Degree Name

MA History



Committee Chair

Iris Engstrand Ph.D.

Committee Co-Chair

Micheal Gonzalez Ph.D.


This study will use the reservations of Barona, Viejas, and Sycuan to measure the socioeconomic impacts of gaming within the Kumeyaay nation. It will also draw on information available from other gaming tribes. To organize my research, I will use the following categories: health, education, economics and infrastructure. Within these four topics I will cover: investment capital, poverty, higher education, internet access, alcohol addiction, suicide rates, obesity, diabetes, and other socioeconomic indicators. Once this is accomplished I will assess the social and economic impact of gaming on Barona, Viejas, and Sycuan and include the possible implications to heal historical trauma with gaming revenue.